Treat Your Employees Like Your Customers:


Employee Engagement is one of the most important parameters for the financial and cultural success of companies… Different researches and opinions on this subject continue to increase. Today, I would like to write the recommendations of Forbes Coaches Group to increase Employee Engagement Customers.

Plan Activities That Will Take Your Team To A Place Different From Their Permanent Environment.

 If teams always do the same activities in the same area, the work can become boring and our bond with those around us may weaken. Hidden skills of some members of the team may also be revealed in planned activities in different places.

Listen More To The Field Team

 One of the important parameters that increase loyalty is to listen to the new ideas of the employees working with the customers in the field and to take their solutions seriously Customers. Have that team’s concerns, challenges, and suggestions heard by the leadership team. Thus, their commitment to the purpose of the company’s existence will increase and the defenders of the company will emerge as a natural result among the employees.

Listen Deeply And Carefully

 Ask more questions to understand the topics as deeply as possible. Listen curiously without judgment. While some procedures are created to avoid bureaucracy, they may actually be creating bureaucracy

 Take Action On Incoming Feedback

 When nothing changes after employee surveys, employees Customers may lose confidence in these surveys and that the leadership team is genuinely. Instead of getting defensive, sincerely review the feedback and turn some of it into action. Feedback is a gift, get it.  Kathy Lockwood ,  Blue Water Leadership Coaching

 Treat Your Employees Like Your Customers

 The success of your leadership is measured by employee engagement and employee satisfaction. If employees are engaged and satisfied, they will be more productive and provide better and quality service to your customers. Treat your employees like your customers.  Chris Cebollero ,  Cebollero & Associates

 Conduct An Exit Interview When An Employee Leaves

 Exit interviews are very valuable but not done enough. In fact, these interviews can give companies a lot of data to take action on. If a company wants to get to the root of its problems, it should regularly ask employees what isn’t going well, make changes, and keep employees informed of those changes.  Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES ,  Kyle Elliott Consulting.

 Build A Culture Of Trust

 No relationship, private or work-related, can thrive without trust. The CEO of the company should be able to tell the outside world about the issues that the company is not good at, and the consultants should be able to talk about the problems without fear of being fired. The CEO and leadership team must be accountable for the implementation of the suggestions received.  Jennifer MusselmanJennifer Musselman

 Give Employees The Tools They Need To Be Successful

 While leaders want their teams to be creative, innovative, and agile, they can also limit themselves to using only the tools at their disposal, and they may also want to be stable and predictable. “Just do it” behavior can create feelings of helplessness and loss of control in employees. Leaders Customers must develop tools that also answer the “how” question.  Rachel BellackThe Improv  Advantage

 Become A Living Person Of The Company’s Mission Customers, Vision And Values

 Companies often attribute the vision and values ​​they write on the walls to well-known principles such as transparency, cooperation and diversity, but we don’t see this much in real life. Contact your talented employees and take the time to listen and understand them.  Deborah Goldstein ,  DRIVEN Professionals

 Support Open And Safe Dialogs

 Create environments where employees can talk openly and clearly about the problems they see and their career development. Listen to what is actually being said. Your employees Customers are your internal customers. 



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