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Employee productivity is one of the most important issues in business life. One of the most important factors affecting employee productivity is education. It is a very important element in terms of employee productivity that employees are regularly trained and improved. Increasing Development employee productivity can be achieved through training in business life.

In large and multinational companies, employees are trained according to the difficulty of the job they will do before they start working. In this training process, necessary information is provided on what to pay attention to, behavior patterns, and dialogues with the customer.

In this way, it is prevented from making some mistakes caused by inexperience. In this way, the employee gets detailed information about his job. It gets rid of the fear of making mistakes and timidity in the first days. Of course, these trainings have certain costs. But when evaluated in terms of returns and their contribution to efficiency, these costs actually become the profits of the businesses.

 In business life, we see many companies that do not care about education, as well as companies that give training to their employees. These companies are Development generally not large or consider it unnecessary to spend money on training.

There Are A Few Things These Development Companies Miss:

 An Untrained Employee Is Always More Costly.

The total cost of mistakes he will make in his own Development subject will be much higher than the cost of education.

 We Are In A Period Where The Validity Of The Saying “You Can’t Bathe In The Same Water Twice” Is Increasing.

The world is changing at a dizzying pace, especially thanks to the rapid growth in information technologies. And those who could not adapt to this change began to fall back rapidly. For example, when the website called amazon.com was opened, 2 big book sellers in America did not accept the importance of the internet and did not work on this issue. And right now, they’re in Development trouble.

  Employees Are More Possessive Of Training Companies.

Because there are uncertainties about the future in the mind of the employee. The training company contributes to the future plans of the Development employees and develops them. This increases their loyalty.

 Education In Business Life Is Vitally Important For Businesses.

Because the machines that lift businesses up or down are human resources, not buildings. How you evaluate this human resource, you will get efficiency Development according to it. If you work for them and contribute to their development, you will actually be doing important things for the future of your company and you will be saving your own future.

 That’s why I recommend the company owners who are not aware of this business to give importance to education and train their employees. If you give the necessary importance to education in business life, you will not have to constantly seek outside qualified personnel. You train your own staff, you develop faster.

Every time they went, they would find the Development manager sitting in his room with his chair turned towards the window, watching the factory chimney. In the face of this situation, “our factory is already working perfectly, what is the need for this manager?

 Why Do We Pay So Much To Watch The Chimney?

 One day, they couldn’t stand it and fired the manager. They got a new manager who wanted less money. The new manager was exactly what they wanted. He would not sit in his room, he would always run around trying to do many things.But for some reason, after 1 month, the conditions in the factory deteriorated. Everything started to come together. The products started to come out wrong.

They fired the new manager in a hurry and hired the old manager. After 1 month things got better.They came and asked. “You sit here all day and stare out the window. The other Development manager would never sit in his room. But you are more successful than him. How that happens? ‘ they said.

 The factory manager said, “I look at the chimney of the factory all day and watch the smoke. If there is a decrease in the smoke, I will come down quickly and solve the problem. If the smoke is normal, there is no problem,” he said.

Sometimes A Story Tells A Lot.

The essence of management is hidden here, in the pursuit of smoke.For some reason, the manager is seen as a person who is constantly working and running in sweat. Or that’s how Development employers like to see it.It is thought that if the manager is not rushing, he is not working hard. But the truth is different.

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