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Join us at the IFAI Expo / JEC Americas 2012 in Boston, Ma

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Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), Bally, PA will be participating in the IFAI EXPO 2012, to be held at the Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA November 7 to November 9, 2012. Our booth numbers are 1354 and 1455. This year, EXPO 2012 will be held in conjunction with the JEC Americas Conference at which BRM will also exhibit. Bert Harries, Ted Fetterman, Louis C. Franconi and Bill Hornig will demonstrate Bally Ribbon Mills’ extensive product line of engineered, woven, narrow fabrics, specialty broadcloth and woven structures for Medical, Industrial, Safety, Aerospace and Commercial applications.

Bally Ribbon Mills will display medical samples including woven tubular vascular stents, bifurcate grafts, tapered weaves and arteries that are used to repair damaged blood vessels, and polyester webbing and carbon fiber structures for orthopedic and prosthetic applications. Samples of our Advanced Products includes circular (polar) weaves, woven 2-D and 3-D near net shapes, fabrics used for parachute, air frame, and aerospace applications. The air frame components are made from lightweight carbon fibers. Carbon fiber structures are stronger and lighter than the metal used in traditional air frame construction.

Bally Ribbon Mills will also display industrial products that include non-compacting bridge bearing support fabric, conductive and anti-static fabrics, fabrics used to construct greaseless (self-lubricating) bearings, controlled porosity fabrics used in bag, air, and liquid filtration applications, and safety harnesses and laynards. Bally Ribbon Mills’ extensive line of Nylon, Polyester, Nomex®, Kevlar®, UHMWPE and Vectran®, Mil-Spec Webbing will also be on exhibition.

Bally Ribbon Mills exhibitors, Fetterman, Franconi, and Hornig will be available to discuss product development and your application problems. Bally’s textile products offer unique performance characteristics that maximize the engineered properties of man-made fibers. A few of these properties include fiber orientation, high tenacity, controlled elongation, flame, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Bally Ribbon Mills and its technical staff have developed an international reputation as specialists in the development and production of quality narrow fabrics, webbing, tapes and specialty woven fabrics. The company has been manufacturing woven materials at their facility located northwest of Philadelphia, in Bally, Pennsylvania, since 1923. Bally Ribbon Mill’s services include product design and development, prototype manufacture, weaving, braiding, dying, finishing, strap cutting, specialty sewing and parts fabrication.

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